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Stressfree - The Venue Transformers

Stressfree – the venue transformers - transforms all types of venue, both inside and out, for all types of event: Gala Dinners, Sales Campaigns, Office Parties, Product Launches, Experiential Marketing Events, Exhibitions, Themed Parties etc.  

Our clients include motor manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, on-line betting firms, cosmetics companies, drink manufacturers, financial institutions and charities. 

Formed in 1995 and coming from a design and engineering background, our aim is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for our clients.

Having established the brief and, most importantly, the environment in which we are working, we then create sketches/visuals and mood boards, in combination with photos of specific items in real settings, to establish the vision of what we are aiming to create. 

Once agreed, we then deliver the vision using our own in-house skills and resources. Indeed, we differ from many companies in that we have our own large collection of equipment and props, plus we design and build specifically for our client events.  

Ask Us Anything!

What do you actually do?


We work with our clients to understand what kind of an event they are hosting, what they need from us (be that decor, lighting, entertainment, or a bespoke build), and then we work with them and with their other suppliers to create the perfect event - whether that's a company Christmas party or an intimate wedding.

How do you create an event?

After receiving an enquiry we work with the client to recognise their wants and needs for their event. We listen to what they have to say, and through descriptors, images, and social media we come to understand what exactly they are looking for. Following this, we recommend particular items which we think would compliment the event, and engage in a dialogue with the client to build a plan which fits their requirements and their budget. We get to work building any bespoke elements or buying any new equipment that we'll need, and we confirm the details for the set up and pack down before and after the event. Once all the details are finalised the client signs the contract and makes payment, and we get everything locked down into our diary. Then, when the day of the event arrives, we head to the venue the night before or the morning of to set everything up, sometimes even working until right before it begins in order to make sure every detail is perfect. Finally, at the end of the night and once all the guests have departed, we return to pack everything up. 

How long does it take to create an event?

It generally depends on the type and size of the event, but we usually hope to receive any enquiries at least a few months before the date of the event. This gives us the time we need to discuss and finalise any decisions with the client, make sure we have everything we need in stock, and prepare for the day itself. On the other hand, we have previously worked to deadlines of only a couple of weeks, as well as receiving enquiries up to two years in advance!

What kind of events do you create?

We're happy to work with any client to create any type of event, whether that's a children's birthday party, a sales event across multiple days and venues, or even a surprise wedding (a surprise for the guests of course, not for the couple!). Some of our favourite jobs have been more unusual events, and we're always looking forward to seeing what lands in our inbox next!

How did the company get started?



Would I know any of your clients?

We have been fortunate enough to work with a number of high-profile clients, and while we always want to make our clients' privacy a priority, we do have a few that we get to brag about! These include:

  • The Mercedes Benz Retail Group

  • Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas

  • The Hurlingham Club

  • Medianett

  • The Grocer Gold Awards

  • And many more...

Why are you called Stressfree?

When creating and planning an event we aim to produce the easiest possible process for our clients, ensuring that everyone knows and understand exactly what the plan is, and that everyone (from the venue to the caterers to the band) feels happy and comfortable. We'll make sure every box is ticked, every candle is lit, and we'll do it all ourselves to ensure the best possible quality. We want the process to be stress-free for our clients, and we wanted our name to represent that. So now, all our clients can trust that their experience will be totally Stressfree!

What's your favourite biscuit?

Here at Stressfree we're a big fan of any and all biscuits, though if we had to pick one it would be the


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