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Summer Party Ideas

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

For summer party ideas to thank your staff and their families, you need not look much further than the classic British Garden Party. But how to make the idea a reality?  Stressfree - the venue transformers - specialise in transforming spaces, and since we've seen more than our fair share of garden parties we thought we'd put together our top tips for making any corporate outdoor event go with a bang!

Possibly the most important visual aspect of a garden party is the furniture.  We think ivory vintage-style tables and chairs are the clear winner - (does anything scream ‘Garden Party’ more than a sea of ivory parasols on a green lawn?) - however, it's well worth having a separate, more relaxed seating area.  We love our rattan garden furniture, which is extra comfortable whilst staying stylish.  If families are invited then an assortment of giant colourful cushions always goes down well as a space for kids to congregate (and contrasts beautifully with the ivory furniture!)

Vintage-style garden furniture in the walled garden at Fulham Palace London

Rattan garden furniture and parasols at The Hurlingham Club London

Low seating at Childerley Barn Cambridgeshire

Being outside doesn’t mean you don't have to think about lighting; when day slips into night it's important to hang on to that summery atmosphere.  We love strings of festoon lights round seating areas, as these look great during the day and give a wonderfully festive feel at night.  (Leave the logistics to us - we use self-standing gantries to hang festoons almost wherever you want!)  Lanterns are another great way to head into twilight with style, and strategically placed ivory vintage-style lanterns go beautifully with vintage garden-furniture. 

If there are any trees or shrubs in your outdoor space a colourwash is a simple way to pack a punch with lighting.  Another of our favourite creative ways to make use of trees is a pealight curtain feature - trust us, these look really spectacular!  Pealights tend to look great in shrubbery, but as ever it all depends on your space.  Luckily, we are experts in assessing an outdoor space and coming up with creative solutions within your budget.  

Festoon canopy at Lillibrooke Manor in Maidenhead

Hanging lanterns, pealights in trees and storm lantern clusters dress the Terrace at the Hurlingham Club, Fulham

As with any event, the devil is in the detail.  Though it would be nice to think they weren't necessary, patio heaters are usually a good idea for when it gets chilly later in the evening - living flame patio heaters look spectacular in the dark - and if your venue doesn't already have a bar, an outside bar goes perfectly with a garden party.  

But of course, at any corporate event, team-building activities is one of the main priorities.  A selection of garden games is perfect for a sophisticated garden party - because nothing gets people interacting and laughing together like a game of giant jenga or a steady hand game! 

Living flame patio heater at the Hurlingham Club

Illuminated bar at Chewton Glen Hampshire

Giant games at Fulham Palace, with vintage-style picnic benches and picnic rugs

Let's bring your event to life

If you’re ready to be blown away by your venue, then we’re brimming with ideas.

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