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The Wild Wild West!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Here at Stressfree - the venue transformers - we love a themed party, so how about The Wild West for a fun summertime party theme?!

Our Last Chance Saloon Doors are the perfect centrepiece and can be enhanced with wagon wheels, barrels and copper lanterns for an authentic Wild West Party atmosphere. Plus, for more great photo opportunities, you could consider our Arizona backdrop or Wild West Homestead for guests to pose in front of.

To continue the theme outside, why not use our picket fence to add that country character, or maybe festoons to light the way? Or perhaps your guests could tuck into a delicious meal whilst seated at our rustic picnic benches, illuminated by old-style miners' lamps ...

Remember, we're always happy to create bespoke items for your party, such as WANTED posters with the faces of key individuals on them, or bespoke signs pointing the way to the "little cowboys room". And if any of your guests misbehave you can always lock them up in the County Jail!

Wild West Last Chance Saloon
Last Chance Saloon doors for a Wild West themed party

Wild West last chance saloon theme
Inside the Last Chance Saloon

Wild West theme props
Some of our Wild West props, including brass lanterns on crooks, bespoke WANTED posters, Arizona backdrop, barrels, copper lanterns, wagon wheels and brass paraffin torches

Festoons on poles
Festoon strings on weighted poles with barrel poseur tables

Wild West rustic picnic bench
Rustic picnic bench with vintage lantern, gold-flecked votive holders, LED wall uplighter and sheepskin rugs

County Jail Wild West set piece
Wild West County Jail prop with LED wall uplighters and wall sconce with silk flame

Let's bring your event to life

If you’re ready to be blown away by your venue, then we’re brimming with ideas. Call us on 020 7610 1060 Email info@stressfreeevents.co.uk We’d LOVE to work with you.

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